04  Sep, 2019

Pre-rolling kneading Technology

As early as the 1970s, a large number of literatures have been reported on the research of rolling technology in foreign countries, and recently there have been studies on the effect of pre-rolling technology on meat products quality. Pre-rolling refers to the short-term rolling of raw meat before saline injection or blade tenderization. Pre-rolling and kneading of raw meat before injection can improve the flexibility of muscle tissue, so the retention of saline water can be increased in the process of rolling and kneading after injection, thereby improving the yield of products. Pre-rolling kneading can reduce the total massage time, improve salt water permeability, and improve the yield and tenderness of roast beef.

It has been reported that pre-rolling and knife tendering before injection can improve the texture characteristics of roast beef. Pre-rolling can also improve the yield of roast beef, but has no effect on the extruded water content. However, some studies have shown that pre-injection kneading does not affect most evaluation indexes of vacuum-conditioned steamed beef, while prolonging the time of post-injection kneading to 10 hours can improve the distribution of saline water and appearance of products, while reducing the shear force of steamed beef, but it increases the quality loss of post-injection kneading and pasteurization stages.