16  Jul, 2019

Instructions and Skills of Tumbling Machine

1.Load capacity of tumbling machine: When the cylinder rotates, if there is too much meat, the rotation will be highly affected, the stirring is not uniform. If the meat is too little, it will cause excessive rolling and meat quality damage, then the consumption cost will increase. We suggest to load 60% and 5% floating, then you could get the best effect.


2.Rolling and kneading interval: During the processing, continuous rolling is unnecessary and laborious. We recommend to roll 20 minutes and rest 5-10 minutes.

3. Tumbling time: The total tumbling time is very important for product uniformity and standardization. Once a procedure is adopted to produce standardized products, the procedure or rolling cycle should remain unchanged.

4.Temperature Control: Some experts believe that better salted meat colour can be obtained in warmer environments. However, considering the shelf life, safety and yield of the product, it’s better to tumbling at 2-4 ℃. When the product is tumbling at 8 ℃ or higher, the binding force and yield of the product will obviously decrease. We should put quality first.

When you receive the tumbling machine, please put it into a constant temperature environment about 2-4 ℃. If you don’t have the cool environment, we could supply the vacuum tumbling machine with cooling system(picture 3). It could solve the temperature issue.

 Tumbling Machine

( Tumbling Machine)

5.Vacuum degree: Vacuum plays an important role in the tumbling machine. It can ensure the rapid penetration of brine into the meat, and help to clear the air bubbles in the meat.

The vacuum expands the meat to a certain tenderness. It usually pumps 70% to 80% of the atmospheric pressure. But you should notice that if it’s more higher will get the counterproductive effect, because the water in the meat is pumped out at a high vacuum.

6.Tumbling Direction: The tumbling machine should gently push, massage, lift, curl and fall meat pieces to achieve the best results. The equipment should have reversal function, which should be reversed in the last 5 minutes before unloading, to clean up the meat and protein on the back of the drum fins.